I perched alone on a windswept and sea-battered cliff,
The day was dark;
The black and salty sea rose and broke on the rock,
It smelled so fresh./
Behind me the storm, ahead was the sea,
Its bolts were bright and swiftly they lit up the world,
A painful flash.

I sat on a moonbeam on top of the world’s highest peak,
The air was thin;
The world was encased in a glass and put far away,
I could see far.
Stars shone above, snow shone below,
The frozen night blew up in a million beautiful shards;
All not quite alike.

I Lightly stepped on three water lilies on the lake,
I walked, so light;
Not quite like walking on water, but who wants to be a saint?
Not I, no sir.
Just give thanks, says I, to the bright sun in the sky —
Whose sparkling light can dance on water better’n a holy man;
And look better too.

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