The hot blood of music courses through my veins and I receive an epiphany; irregular beats strike in time with my red heart. I know not where I go, but I know where I come from, and that’s what matters; the road ahead will show itself in due time. Nails break and hair falls off, but eyes, as dim as they might become, see the future and the past. Pain! Life is pain; there is nothing to save us from it but a small infusion of joy that might come from time to time to lift the darkness for an instant, like a stroke of lightning. How distance desensitizes! As though as nothing has ever happened to cause shed tears; but each tear frets a small channel in the cheek, and the channels irrigate imperceptible fields of wisdom, if I may be so bold. Tears shed and, even more so, hidden tears unshed, breed the flame of life. Oh! for those who I have ever loved are now divorced forever from me, and as the past snaps off, more swiftly than ever I have they would imagined, a song breaks out of a complaining throat to change a world; I pray, pray, pray to God and Nature to let me make beauty as awesome as my distant pains; the world I knew is gone forever, and a sort of emerald city shrouded in the mist of imperfect memory propels me forward to my destiny. My bleeding knees are evidence to my devotion better than any rehearsed prayer; may cruel Justice collect its due.

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