Anger courses with the blood; it slowly permeates the entire being; it lends strength. The best anger is patient; it has time to hone itself into an effective weapon. Failure is something that can fuel such anger, if used correctly. Failure is a grind stone, it sharpens wits and lends a wicked edge; that is, when the angle is right; otherwise it breaks the spine at its most sensitive spot.

Anger can manifest in all forms; it can bludgeon, or slash, or stab; it can strike from afar, or from point blank; it can also, in the manner of all swords, be double edged, and become the wielder as well as the wield.

Feel the anger, let it reinforce your wits and be vicious when you need to be; but become not angry: do not hate; let your anger be fueled with love.

Love and fail, fail and love; then arise again, and let the weapon of your righteous anger be the sharper each time. This way the weak triumph, and yet we are all weak, like gnats circling a tree in the greatest forest there ever was; sometimes a gnat can change the forest, in an age of gnat years; and though no gnat will see, the forest knows.

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