Lost Chances

Wings of fate carry in currents. It is strange how things go in a blink, to leave one gaping in the wind; perchance to catch a fly. Yet while flies in the mouth may be forgotten, a special place in the heart is set for every chance that’s lost. An elegant dance is danced; though roads may diverge in woods diversely colored, only one may be taken at a time; unless, that is, you are an electron. Strange beings, perhaps they are too small for the Universe to follow, so through the cracks they fall and can be in several places at once; or else, they are simply so diffuse as for a location to have no meaning.

But I digress; blinking is at issue here. One may blink once, and see the time is ripe. Twice may be cool as well; but a third, however wonted blink may bring a bullet list of questions answered. Such is the danger of a regimented life, that blinks sometimes are forced to follow in an unfortunate succession; and, sadly, no manner of frantically pulling the bell ever seems to restore time. Oh! Opportunity missed, a little untaken turn or shortcut that may have lasted all day and a lifetime… For each there is a time of mourning sadness that will invariably pass; although sometimes, if we look, then we may find it on the long way.

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