Cursed Apathy

Some things are worthy of a curse; that, for example, which will not lift a finger till it itself needs to be saved by the collective will or sense of justice; that, which wills to leave rule and execution to some other agency of import (or almost worse, the ragged monster of the headless mob); do that and look away till some injustice would descend on its unguilty head, whereupon it will indignantly be stunned by it.

Those ones, they have it coming: they could not care less what plagues another, so they should taste themselves the fruit of their uncaring zeal — that I say because sometimes it takes an effort to remain aloof; to insulate oneself from gray responsibility, and by a force of grotesque will remain an indistinguishable cog.

Perhaps the fools imagine themselves humble before the wisdom of some great; they are instead so proud as to suppose the hand of God can’t touch them by the virtue of some fallacious concept of neutrality. For, there is no neutrality but self-interest (while action serves sometimes another cause), and there’s no virtue in fence-sitting; to do nothing may sometimes be expedient and wise, but, as a rule to live by, inaction’s cowardly and selfish; for that there may be no reward, and punishment might richly be deserved.

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