Ballad of a Prince

(Work in Progress)

Once there was a prince who liked to gallop on his horse
Among the grassy hills and fragrant valleys;
One morning he rode early to the river all alone,
To look at his reflection in the water.
And there he met his princess and there she took his heart in thrall,
And on the river’s bank they lay together.

Her skin was brown like nutmeg and her hair was black as space,
Her eyes were green like meadows in the summer;
They lay and watched the blue sky and the sunset and the stars,
And the moon, she cast no shadow behind them.
And then he knelt and begged her to come with him and be his bride,
She knelt down by him and looked in his eyes and embraced him.

The sun was pink and rising over distant rolling hills
He picked her up and sat her in his saddle;
They galloped over hill and over dale and under tree,
Their hair streamed ever brightly in their wake.
And then they reached the great gates of the keep where he was born,
They halted and he cried for the gates to open.

Courtiers watched in wonder from the castle’s looming walls,
With narrow eyes they looked down on the figures
Of their noble prince who stood tall beside his horse,
And of the strange girl sitting in the saddle.
The old men sighed and shrugged — oh, they have seen such things before,
And long ago they learned also how to solve them.

The marriage went ahead amid the trumpets and the flutes,
The fiddlers whined and dancers made their figures;
The sun shone many smiles upon the prince and his fair bride,
As they waited breathless at the altar;
In front of them the priest stood with his ancient magic words,
Behind them slunk the murmur of retainers.

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