From the Washington Post:

“The [monthly] new job losses pushed the unemployment rate from 6.5 percent to 6.7 percent, the highest rate since the recession of the early 1990s. The figure was tempered by the fact that 422,000 workers left the labor market, many of them discouraged by their inability to find a job. The unemployment rate only includes people actively looking for work.”

Oh. I see. Interesting. I wonder where it would be possible to find data on all those guys (and gals) who are not ‘actively looking for work” in the official channels. I guess those would be all those gang members, homeless people, and all manner of other people who don’t exist. Now that would be some interesting data.

And for a nice finish —

“So far this year, 220,506 jobs have been cut in the financial services industry, 120,742 in the automotive sector and 63,838 in retail, Challenger said. The only sectors that have been immune to layoffs have been health care and energy (my emphasis).” Just add in education and you’ve got it.

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