Only in the USA: Man in Santa Suit Shoots Girl In Face,0,6505439.story
This story isn’t funny, but this is, sort of:

“It was thought to be the worst single killing spree in the county this year. Overall, homicides have remained at relatively low levels compared to previous years.”

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Really Smart, This Time We Mean It

So, the earliest human remains we found, we called ’em Homo Sapiens, the Wise Man. Always humble, eh? You can say one thing about self-proclaimed Wise Men throughout time and space: They’re always humble. You won’t catch one of those guys uttering even one condescending or self-righteous word, not any more than you will catch them in a mistake, no sir!
Well, I guess as time went on, the Wise Men – er,  the scientists realized that we’re really much more advanced than those cavemen, I mean, don’t we have digital watches? Right! So much more advanced that we’re really a different sub-species, that is the Homo Sapiens Sapiens, which means the Really Wise Man. Not bad. Really wise. Not bad.
And here we are, really wise and all, and ain’t we gettin’ ready to do some evolution? Deserts take the place of fields and forests, the seas are full of jellyfish – I’d tell you how many species are dying out every day except that I’d lost track of the numbers; but they say you learn from mistakes! I say, I say after we’re done learning the lessons from our mistakes, we’ll evolve into the Homo Sapiens Sapiens Sapiens – The Really Wise Man, This Time We Mean It! Ain’t that exciting?

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